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Full-service digital marketing agency in Hong Kong

We drive qualified Traffic, Leads & Repeat Sales

Web Design

Appropriate design, content & structure are the keys to help your online business grow & create sales…


Specialize in Facebook campaign planning, budget & performance control, Ad management setup & Target Customer A/B Testing…

Google AdWords

Join our AdWords campaign to get the BEST possible return on Investment, exposure, traffic, leads & repeat sales…

Display Advertising

A comprehensive display advertising placement & re-marketing service for your target audience & business needs…

Google Shopping

Promote your products in search engine, increase qualified traffic & get more sales leads from your target customers…


Offer different kinds of social campaigns to achieve your business goal and young market development…

Baidu SEM

Do you want to promote business in Chinese market? We help brands doing business in China via Baidu…

Email Marketing

EDM is highly cost-effective. We provide EDM design, tracking & segmentation based on behaviour, preferences and data analysis…


High Ranking SEO Performance will raise your website on top of competitors & drive traffic and sales leads…

Why ADEQUATE Digital?

Full-service digital marketing solutions

ADEQUATE Digital, a full-service digital marketing agency in Hong Kong offers one-stop digital marketing solutions.  Our services include web design, SEO, SEM, email marketing, social media marketing, eCommerce and B2B digital marketing solutions.

We pride on not only our professional in digital marketing but also value added-client relationship!


full service digital marketing agency in hong kong
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We strive for converting Qualified Traffic, Leads & Repeat Sales

Just increase web traffic is time-consuming and expensive. After a client chooses our service, ADEQUATE Digital will offer in-depth competitor research and website analysis. We take through full-funnel marketing approach and offer testing to drive leads and repeat sales.

We concern good return on investment, effective budget allocation, and channel selection

ADEQUATE Digital help our clients to manage digital marketing budget effectively and efficiency. We focus on tracking those channels’ performance and calculating the cost per acquisition. We will optimize those marketing channels effectively and efficiency and find out the good ROI.

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What we do

4C Optimization for clients’ business goal & ROI

Digital marketing is easy to track the performance. ADEQUATE Digital, a full-service digital marketing agency in Hong Kong, is data-driven and result-driven. We have experience in optimizing and adjusting the parameters for the campaign. Our professional team will work with you to drive higher traffic, acquisition, and ROI by 4C optimization.

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Crowd Optimization 

Big numbers of visitors or exposure are worth nothing if they are not your potential customers. Therefore, we help business to figure out the target customers in the crowd.

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Channel Optimization 

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we offer various strategic campaigns to drive traffic. Through our strategic approach, we could find out the best channel selection with good ROI.

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Content & Creativity Optimization 

Content is King & Creativity is Queen. We use figure and insight to improve user experience and get new business opportunities.

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Conversion Optimization 

We are striving to increase the sales leads & conversion rate. We conduct comprehensive testing and consequently make data-driven decision analysis.

What are you waiting for?

We help your business to drive Leads & Sales!

About AD

ADEQUATE Digital: a full-service digital marketing agency in Hong Kong

ADEQUATE Digital offer integrated digital marketing solution to drive targeted traffic to your website. Our services include web design, SEO, SEM (PPC), EDM (email marketing) and social media Marketing. In addition, we offer eCommerce, B2B digital marketing services and more…

We take pride in our over 10 years of digital marketing experience and marketing achievements. We serve all industries and drive qualified traffic, leads and repeat Sales. Meanwhile, we offer an effective and affordable digital marketing solution to grow your business.

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